How to put a drive band on double drive wheels; setting up typical antique wheels
Saxony Style Wheels: Using the tension knob, move the mother of all in its closest position to the big drive wheel. Place a long chalk line or plumb line from the hardware store (cotton, not nylon) over the wheel once. Go around the flyer pulley, and bring the band underneath it and back to the drivewheel from the bottom; go around the top of the drive wheel a second time, and then go over the bobbin pulley and back to the end of the chalk line. This gives you a double loop with 2 ends over the big drive wheel, and one loop over the flyer pulley and one loop over the bobbin pulley. You will see an 'x' where the band has to cross to accomplish this. (If you have more than one 'x' the wheel may throw the band.) Pull the band so it is slightly snug, and tie a small square knot. Trim the ends of the string to less than 1/2". You may wish to wrap the knot and its ends with sewing thread to have a nice neat finish. Turn the tension knob as needed to tighten the drive band very slightly. If you have an upright (vertical) spinning wheel, the procedure is similar - just make sure that the flyer spindle is as level as can be, before knotting the string; you will need to have your tension adjustment in a position that you will be able to gradually tighten the belt over time, as the string stretches. Antique wheel notes: Flyer pulley screws on with a reverse thread. To remove, grasp metal spindle and turn to the RIGHT - we are not responsible for flyer breakage. Old pulleys are often nearlyl impossible to remove, so take care.

To care for the wood of your antique spinning wheel, clean with Murphy's oil soap and when dry, apply one or two coats of satin or semi-gloss tung oil with a lint-free cloth.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                15 February 2011

World Wide view of wheel and over
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