Sleeping Beauty at Apple Hollow Farm


"I was waiting for you in my dreams;

There once lived a King and Queen who were very sorrowful because they had no children. When at last, after long waiting, a daughter was born, the King showed his delight by giving a christening feast. He invited all the fairies in the land to become the little princess's godmothers, hoping that each would bestow a gift upon her. After the christening all the guests returned to the palace, where a grand feast was prepared. Before each fairy was placed a splendid cover, with a spoon and knife and fork of pure gold studded with diamonds and rubies. As they were all sitting down at the table a very old fairy came into the hall. She had not been invited, because for more than fifty years she had not been heard of. The old fairy thought herself slighted, and muttered some angry threats that were overheard by one of the young fairies who chanced to sit beside her. Thinking that some harm might be done to the pretty babe, the young fairy hid herself behind the curtains in the hall. She did this so all the others might speak their wishes for the child first. Then, if any evil gift were bestowed upon the child, she might be able to counteract it. Then came the turn of the old fairy. Shaking her head spitefully, she uttered the wish that when the baby grew up she might prick her finger with a spindle and die of the wound. Just then the young fairy appeared from behind the curtains, and said in a cheerful tone, "Your Majesties may comfort yourselves; the princess shall not die. I have not the power to change entirely the ill-fortune just wished her by my ancient sister. The princess must indeed pierce her finger with a spindle, though she will not die, but sink instead into a deep sleep that will last a hundred years. At the end of that time a King's son shall come to awaken her." Years passed, and when she was just fifteen years of age, while wandering the castle she came to a room at the top of the tower, where she found a very old woman. "What are you doing, my good woman?" asked the princess. "I'm spinning, my pretty child," was the answer. "Ah, how charming! How do you do it? Let me try." She had no sooner taken the spindle than she pierced her finger with the point. She fell to the floor. There she lay, as beautiful as an angel, with the color still lingering in her lips and cheeks, but her eyes were tightly closed. She slept for a hundred years. At last a prince came to the chamber, where he saw the fairest sight he had ever beheld. The princess looked as if she had just closed her eyes. Trembling and filled with admiration, the prince approached the bed and knelt beside it. Some say he kissed her, but none saw it. Be that as it may, the princess awakened immediately. Looking at him tenderly, she said, in a soft and drowsy voice, "Is that you my prince? I have waited for you a very long time." And all the kingdom rejoiced in the happiness of the couple.

Editorial note: They lived happily ever after, as they always do in fairy tales, not quite so often, however, in real life.

Thanks to "The White Rose" for the suggestion, and Suza Scalora's "Mythopoeia" for the marvelous image.

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